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The Characters

Natsumi Tebelle
Nickname: Mimi
Powers: Shapeshifting
Age: Around 19
First Appearance: 1-1
A shapeshifter girl at a strange sort of college for people with "gifts". She might be a bit smart, though that's debatable, but she has no interest in school or learning. She's pretty much at this school so her parents don't have to admit they have a "freak" for a daughter. Mimi tends to do things that will benefit her in the now without caring about the future, such as staying up watching horror movies the night before finals.

Winston Fox
Nickname: Win
Powers: Healing
Age: 21
First Appearance: 1-1
Win is Mimi's friend, though even he isn't sure why. He's extremely down to earth and has little patience for games a lot of people play or sparing people's feelings. He also gives rather good advice, which is why he's spent 6 years being bothered by friends for help with relationships. Win insists it's a nuisance, but he's yet to tell anyone to shove off over it.

Jayson Young
Nickname: Jayze
Powers: Wings. He has a great deal of control of them, as seen here
Age: 19
First Appearance: 1-2
A relatively new kid. Actually, Jayson's been there for a year longer than Mimi- but he's a loner that tends to lurk in the back of classes. He's not always good with social interaction that doesn't involve emoticons.

Marcus Mabry
Nickname: Mark
Powers: None.
Age: 25
First Appearance:1-11
Mark and Mimi ended up friends more or less by accident, and she tends to use him as a resource instead of just going to the library or internet. He doesn't usually mind, but he still has trouble getting used to the fact that she can change her appearance (and sex) at will.

Charles Lester
Nickname: Char, etc.
Powers: Fire kinsesis
Age: 20
First Appearance:3-3
Char has more self-confidence issues than he'd care to admit, which he makes up for by being easy-going and overly cheerful. Mimi is the only person he's ever really gotten mad at, which is likely beacause they've got a few things in common, and neither like seeing the things in each other that are lurking in themselves. They're also both overprotective of Winston, and are convinced that the other one will bring him nothing but trouble.

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